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Here you will find news and information about possible events of interest aligning with NETOUR-TEMPUS project.

The 8th Annual Conference “Contemporary Problems in Management: Exploring the Boundaries”

The 8th Annual Conference http://manconf.hse.ru/en/mc2015/will be held from 11 till 13 November 2015 in Moscow by the Faculty of Business and Management, HSE.

The goal of the conference is to further encourage scientific research on management problems by bringing together scholars working in the field, and to maximize the amount and level of interaction among researchers at all stages of their career.

All types of research approaches are welcome.

At section meetings it is supposed to discuss the results of original scientific researchers presented in the form of reports on problems of the management, which met modern research methodology.

This is a special forum aimed to support young researchers in the field of management.

The Program Committee will select participants who will be able to give oral presentations.