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Service Design Pilot Course

As part of NETOUR ouputs, some of the Russian partners of NETOUR have introduced in the tourism curricula a new course and contents for the tourism students.

Here some information about the progress of this activity may be found.

Tourism Service Design as a subject in Russian Universities

Here you may read the main results agreed between NETOUR partners in Sevilla, October 2014.

Mainly, the document contents the vision of the different Russian Universities regarding the implementation of the pilot course on tourism service design.

Syllabus of the pilot course

Syllabus of the course Tourism Service Design and Quality.

It has been delivered at RSUTS (Moscow) during the academic year 2014/2015.

49 bachelors students from the Tourism Management Program, taught by Tatiana Charitonoiva; and 29 bachelors students from the Economics Program, taught by Ludmila Chernikova, attended the course; in total 78 students of bachelor level attended the course last year.