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This section provides useful information for project officers at our partner institutions.
Here you will find documents as the Guidelines for the use of the grant, FAQs, or the quality and performance indicators of NETOUR.

Guidelines for the use of the Grant

A must reading text. Here you will find all the needed information to make a right use of your institution budget in the frame of NETOUR project.

Frecuently asked questions

This file elaborated by the EACEA includes the frequently asked questions on project management for the TEMPUS program.

NETOUR Operations Manual

This document describes all the procedures established by NETOUR managers in order to harmonize how the partner institutions report to the Coordinator at UEx.
Basically, it explains the information needed to proof the different costs incurred during the project implementation.
This document, together with the needed templates, were provided at the kickoff meeting (Feb 2013) to all the partners. Nonetheless, here you may download the staff conventions, the mobility report, the financial report and the internal progess report templates.

Individual Mobility Report

Official document to proof the travel costs and cost of the stay incurred at the partner institutions. Each staff member should fill this report everytime he/she travels.

Convention for Staff Costs

Official document to proof the staff costs incurred at the partner institutions. Each staff member should fill in one of this conventions describing his/her activity during the time period reported. 

Time-sheet template

Time-sheet template for NETOUR project. A duly filled in time-sheet must be attached to each staff convention.

Financial information kit

This document elaborated by the EACEA provides practical and easy to read guidance for grant beneficiaries under the different funding programmes managed by the Agency.