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Here you will be able to download the different materials about the current situation of the tourism sector in Russia Federation that will be performed by the NETOUR team. The expected date for delivering these reports is January 2014.

You also will be able to download other academic materials that will support your learning process at the Universities.


REPORT NETOUR French Riviera

Agrotourism as a new direction of development of a tourist destination
Research of the causes of serial bankruptcy of tourist companies in the Russian Federation in 2014
Using cases to teach and learn
Modernization of Touristic Routes at the Bolshaya Kokshaga Reserve in Mari El Republic, Russian Federation
A barrier-free environment in Sochi
Development of Eco-tourism: the Case of Chavash Varmane National Park
Eco-tourism Development in Nizhny Novgorod Region: the Case of the Voskresenskoe Povetluzhie Nature Park