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Here tourism students at european universities will find information that may be useful for them.

As enhancing the students employability is within NETOUR's objectives, in this are of NETOUR's website information about the diferent actions implemented under NETOUR framework will be diseminated.

NETOUR's project horizon is 2012 to 2015, and its first year implementation is devoted to performe an analysis about the current situation of the tourism sector in Russia as well as about the actual situtation of the tourism curricula and its results. After this analysis, in the second and third year of NETOUR implementation, several actions will be developed with the students. Consequently, it will be on 2014 and 2015 when more contents will be added to this area of NETOUR's website.

If you are a tourism student or alumni at any of the universities within NETOUR's consortium and you would like to get more information or participate in NETOUR project, you can always contact us at info@netour.eu. Please, use as a subject of your mail: "your name", student or alumni at the "name of your institution". Thank you for your interest!

The coordination team.