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MICE Tourism Work Group

NETOUR team is a network of students and academics at several European Union and Russian Universities and Institutions aimed to enhance the tourism curricula delivered at the Universities to enhance the students' qualification.


One of the NETOUR priorities is to increase the tourism students' employability, by looking into tourism professionals needs.


In this framework, a group of students from NETOUR partners universities leaded by Anne-Lucie Talarmin (SKEMA Business School, France) and Soraya Morales-Carretero (University of Extremadura, Spain) are conducting a study in the context of MICE tourism to get a better understanding of the factors determining the competitiveness of a MICE destination.


In case you develop your professional activity organizing meetings, conference, exhibitions or any kind of professional events, we kindly ask for your participation in our study.


Following the link and answering the questionnaire will not take you more than 10 minutes of your time. All the responses are anonymous and will be treated confidentially.


Click here to participate in the survey


Many thanks in advance for your collaboration!



"In the last decade, business tourism has been gaining ground in the global market. UNWTO estimates that business and professional trips represented 15 per cent of the tourism market in 2012, resulting in 145 million of arrivals. This is a dynamic segment of the market, with an annual growth of around 3-6 per cent in Western Europe in 2000-2010, and 8-10 per cent in the case of most dynamic Asian economies (UNWTO, 2013)." 

("Business Tourism in Russia", NETOUR team, 2014, pp.4)